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Our Story

Living Lab

Designed as a collaborative and innovative hub, RoRuralia Living Lab aims primarily at connecting stakeholders from the Romanian North East Development Region for identifying and assessing the particular issues of the rural and urban systems. 

Values & Strategies

RoRuralia Values


Living Lab Dimension

The living lab dimension of RoRuralia is innovation oriented. The lab is based on scientific research, collaborative networking and co-creation actions. 


Policy Lab Dimension

The policy lab dimension of RoRuralia has a participative governance approach, based on multi-actor and strategic actions. 

European Project


RURALITIES Project is about: Climate smart, ecosystem-enhancing and knowledge-based rural expertise and training centres. 


RDRP Ecosystem

RDRP Knowledge Ecosystem is the super hub in North-East region of Romania. This ecosystem has the mission to develop intelligent rural and urban systems. 

Integrated Systems


RoRuralia is opperating on SIMSES basis, in synergy with Food for iasi Living Lab, on systems thinking basis. 



RoRuralia is developing synergies with all actors, agents, stakeholders and beneficiaries on rural and urban systems arena. 

Epistemic Chain Infrastructure


RoRuralia Knowledge and Action strategies are based on scientific research. RoRuralia Living & Policy Lab is implementing research projects in rural and regional food systems. 

Innovation is an important link in epistemic chain. RoRuralia supports participatory knowledge and wisdom for smart co-innovation activities oriented on durable, resilient and sustainable rural systems, fully integrated in the environment of the rural worls. 

RoRuralia knowledge and action activities and projects are driven by the mission to build policies and strategies for healthy and intelligent rural and regional systems. 

One of the most important link in the epistemic chain is the knowledge transfer. RoRuralia produces, supports and consolidates the knowledge transfer in rural and regional communities and systems. 

Knowledge Patrimony is one of the most important resource of rural and regional systems. RoRuralia is oriented on knowledge and action smart management for rural and regional systems. 

Knowledge is the most important link between culture and civilization. RoRuralia is an actor and agent in the civilization arena but also a culture developer and facilitator. 

News &Events

RoRuralia Workshop in Siret Moldova LAG

The involvement of the Ruralities project in the actions of revitalizing the territory for the elaboration of the Local Development Strategy 2023-2027 demonstrates the fact that participatory governance actions, based on the quadruple helix principle (local authorities, civil society, the university-academic environment, and the entrepreneurial environment) represent the solution to the preparation of a document programmatically assumed by community members.

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Satul în Bucate. Iași, 7-8 Octombrie 2023

If we want for ourselves and the next generations a healthy diet, if we want, on the other hand, not to lose the stories of the dishes from our culture, if we want to bring to our families’ tables as clean and tasty food as possible , we need to rediscover the links of value between the urban and rural worlds.

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RoRuralia Team

Coordinator Group in RoRuralia Living & Policy Lab

Rural Development Research Platform


Codrin Dinu Vasiliu

Researcher & Facilitator

Lucian Tanasă

Lucian Tanasă

Researcher & Facilitator

Sonia Bulei

Sonia Bulei

Communicator & Facilitator